Duvet grand froid Carinthia D1200X
  • Duvet grand froid Carinthia D1200X

D1200X Extreme Cold Down

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The D1200X extreme cold down from Carinthia is the pinnacle of extreme sleeping bags. This extreme cold goose down sleeping bag is designed for polar expeditions in difficult climatic conditions, and the coldest places on the planet, going down to -65.2°C in extreme!

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The Carinthia D1200X extreme cold sleeping bag is certainly the warmest sleeping bag on the market, with exceptional thermal performance. Waterproof, the D1200X is perfect for expeditions in freezing polar temperatures. By design, moisture has no chance of remaining in the sleeping bag due to a complex structure. Whether you're heading to the South Pole, Siberia, Alaska or Mount Everest, this is the duvet you need.

Characteristics of the Carinthia D1200X down:

  • Temperatures: Standard EN13537
  • Comfort temperature: up to -27.3°C Temperature at which a woman can sleep comfortably.
  • Comfort limit temperature: -37.8° C Temperature at which a normal man can sleep comfortably for 8 hours
  • Extreme temperature: -65.2°C Temperature at which after 4 hours a normal woman will feel a sensation of cold which can lead to frostbite and/or hypothermia.
  • Goose down 95/5 800 Cuin 1200 g per meter/square, it's unique.
  • Size M: Weight: 1900 g Dimensions: 215 x 80 x 52 cm Dimensions stored: 22 x 24 cm
  • Size L: Weight: 2100 g Dimensions: 230 x 85 x 55 cm Dimensions stored: 24 x 26 cm
  • Trapezoidal chamber construction
  • Differential cut
  • Waterproof outer material
  • Ultra soft and very light Shelltex lining (breathability)
  • G-LOFT® Filled Thermal Pull Collar
  • Contoured hood
  • DIScover system (ensures a faster drying phase)
  • Prefabricated loops for Carinthia Grizzly and Silkliner (additional heat output)
  • Interior pocket.

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Mountaineering, Adventures, Bivouac, Bushcraft, Polar expedition, High mountain, Ice hike
Extreme temperature
1930 grammes

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