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GAYATREK: “The specialist in trekking in the Amazon”

GAYATREK: “The specialist in trekking in the Amazon”

Compostela specialists

The Compostela INUKA specialists

Nordic walking blog

TSL OUTDOOR, world leader in snowshoes


Nosy Be Immo , A desire to escape off the coast of Madagascar

This year inuka supported the 4L mountain team at the 4L Trophy with bivouac equipment.

Inuka supports the 4L mountain team at the 4L Trophy

the 4L mountain team at the 4L Trophy INUKA

Inuka also supported the Lycée Louis Lachenal team in Annecy with mosquito net hammocks , which came 3rd out of 50 teams in the Adventure Raid in Guyana for the UNSS French Championships.

Stories: “We had an EXTRAORDINARY week, thank you to all of you for allowing us to experience this completely incredible human adventure.

This raid was traced in the most beautiful corners of Guyana, in the virgin forest, on the rivers, the krieks, along the beaches, on the lakes, in an atmosphere of humid heat and tropical rains. A superb understanding between the 50 teams present in this French championship added to the good atmosphere.

It was an incredible ordeal which forced each stiff to look deep within themselves, to the depths of their physical and mental resources, to hold on, to resist, to remain lucid and collective. We had to make the right choices, while managing dehydration, fatigue, pain, diet."

Inuka supported the Louis Lachenal high school team in Annecy with mosquito net hammocksAdventure Raid in Guyana for the French UNSS Championships supported by INUKA

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